The stakeholders and their involvement

Acea, following the principles and conduct criteria of its Code of Ethics, promotes the dialogue and interactions with its stakeholders21. A first mapping to identify the macro-categories of the concerned parties, has been carried out systematically in occasion of the stock market listing; such categories, over the time, further enriched and diversified simultaneously to the development of the Group’s business sector.


Acea e i suoi stakeholders

NB: The type and features of Stakeholders as well as their relations with the company, are illustrated, quantified and analysed in-depth in the sections of the Sustainability Report.

21 Stakeholders mean those subjects (considered as individuals, groups, organisations) having important relations with the company and whose interests are, at different titles, involved in the business operations both for the interchange relations with the company itself and/or for the relevant influence they withstand.

The exchange and relational mechanisms established between the company and the stakeholders involved, engender, for both, a sense of responsibility and awareness of their role, while encouraging participation in a scenario in which further development is shared. All this occurs in the daily business operations, with the single stakeholders’ segments involved in projects performed by the Group’s companies in the various spheres of reference.



Ordinary and extraordinary activities of debate and involvement, due to the continual interactions between the group’s companies and their stakeholders, lead to the creation of a resource of information and relations fundamental both for the business development and for the consolidation and extension of the right to operate granted to Acea by its stakeholders.

With regard to the community, Acea demonstrates its availability and transparency in all requests it is called for, giving its contribution in supporting cultural, sporting and social initiatives of the community in which it is settled in.

Relationship with customers is developed beginning with the mapping of critical situations, where claims can rise, through the collection and study of customers’ feedback, by means of surveys on customer satisfaction, concerning the service supplied and the contact methods with the Group’s companies, in order to create solutions to optimise operating processes. Such a relationship is also provided if a proper infrastructure, capable of facilitating dialogue and improving the information and service exchange within the company, the customers and consumers’ associations, paying particular attention to the IT application (as for online help desks of companies supplying services). Relationship with the financial stakeholders is performed by the appointed business Function, whose main tasks are the monitoring, interaction and acknowledgement of requests from potential mainstream and ethical investors.

Interactions with local and national institutions and with competent authorities basically regard auditions, information exchanges and specific projects. Among such projects, the most important are those having an impact on the improvement of management levels of critical infrastructures or related to security of urban territory, both in the event of national emergencies and daily management (see chapter Customers and the Community, paragraph Quality Supplied and chapter Institutions and the Company). The recent regulatory changes in the water sector led to a further enhancement of participation and involvement in the relationship with AEEGSI.

Regarding human resources, Acea is deeply committed to the adoption of an approach aimed at enhancing its human resources, both through an extensive training activity – for the development and adjustment of personal skills – and through the widespread use of the Management System of people and the Leadership Model (see chapter Personnel).

Relationship with suppliers are handled and controlled through the system – i.e., round tables with employer organisations of the territory - and through single operators – i.e., rating of suppliers and qualification processes of Acea Group handled by the appointed business function (see chapter Suppliers).