Index of GRI contents

Following is a list of standard elements and the economic, social and environmental core and additional indicators required by the Guidelines GRI-G3.1 (2011 edition)104, and indicators introduced by the Electric Utility sector supplement105, accompanied by the reference sections and pages where they can be found in the related document.

In the Guidelines the meaning of each standard element and performance indicator is described, while in the Sector Supplement, contents of specific indicators are defined; both documents are available on the website

104 For standard elements already provided in the guidelines GRI.G3 (2006 edition) and maintained in the G3.1 2011 edition, the definitions utilised in the Italian translation of the 2006 version were conformed to, while for standard elements modified by the Guidelines GRI-G3.1, definitions have been translated from the 2011 English version; for a more exhaustive explication of their meaning, refer to the original English version, which has been taken into account for the drawing of the report.

105Electric Utility Sector Supplement indicators (EU) are integrated in the table; the document regulates peculiar matters for energy companies, introduces new indicators (EU) and commentaries on indicators already provided by the GRI Guidelines, 2006 edition.

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