Customers and community

The figures relating to the volume of customers refer to the Group; the figures relating to perceived quality, delivered quality, customer care, tariffs and communication activities refer to a more limited frame and to the specific operational companies referred to in the text.

Customers and the communities
This chapter describes the interactions both between Acea and the community and between its customers and the community, since the data and the information about provided services - perceived quality, delivered quality, customer care - mainly refer to Rome and its province, where the two stakeholders almost coincide23; the number of electricity and water service customers includes, instead, all of the served areas.

23In Rome and its province Acea manages the integrated water service, the electricity supply (to over 1 million customers), the energy distribution and the public lighting service.
Therefore, customers and the community almost coincide in this particular area. The economic, environmental and social data relating to the investee companies, operative in other areas for the integrated water service, are available in various paragraphs of this report - often in aggregate form.