Consolidated external charges

Supplier2013 saw the consolidated external charges of the Group amounting to about 2.52 billion euros, which shows an overall decrease compared to the 2.63 billion euros of 2012 (-4.2%). The main charges, amounting to about 2.04 billion euros (2.08 billion in 2012), involve the purchasing of energy, gas and fuels, followed by the costs of services, amounting to 311.8 million euros, which decreased by 21.4 million euros compared to the previous year

Expenses for raw materials decreased too, from 2012’s 62.4 million euros to 36.4 million euros (-41.6%). The remaining entries (concession fees, use of third-party assets and other management costs) amount to a total of 140.6 million euros, showing a decrease compared to the 155.6 million euros of the previous cycle (-9.6%).

The rest of the chapter shows the supplies of goods, services and works managed by the Purchases and Logistics Corporate Function for several companies of the Group. 2013 saw such supplies reaching an overall value of 539 million euros.