Activities and functions of the main companies of the Group

The Group operational structure as of 31.12.2013, is basically shown, according to their sector, in chart n. 4. Activities carried out by the main operating companies, synthetically outlined below.


Operational structure


Acea Ato 2 SpA: manages the integrated water service (IWS) in ATO 2 – Lazio Centrale (Rome and other 111 Municipalities of Latium). The IWS provides activities of water collection, feeding and distribution, sewerage and wastewater treatment plants management. Acea Ato 2 deals with the plants and their enhancement, takes care and monitors the sources of drinking water provisions, manages monumental fountains, small fountains, fire hydrants and hose networks.

Acea Ato 5 SpA: manages the integrated water service in ATO 5 – Lazio meridionale – Frosinone, including 86 Municipalities.

Ombrone SpA: holds stakes in Acquedotto del Fiora SpA, contractor for the integrated water service in ATO 6 – Ombrone,Tuscany, including 56 Municipalities in the province of Grosseto and Siena.

Sarnese Vesuviano Srl: holds stakes in Gori SpA, contractor for the integrated water service in ATO 3 – Sarnese Vesuviano, Campania, including 76 Municipalities in the province of Naples and Salerno.

Acque Blu Arno Basso SpA: holds stakes in Acque SpA, contractor for the integrated water service in ATO 2 – Basso Valdarno, Tuscany, including 57 Municipalities in the province of Pisa, Florence, Siena, Pistoia and Lucca.

Acque Blu Fiorentine SpA: holds stakes in Publiacqua SpA, contractor for the integrated water service in ATO 3 – Medio Valdarno, Tuscany, including 49 Municipalities in the province of Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Arezzo.

Gruppo Crea: controls some water service operators located in Ambiti Territoriali Ottimali (Optimal Territorial Area) of Lucca, Terni, Rieti and Benevento.

Intesa Aretina Scarl: held by Acea SpA with a 35% share, controls Nuove Acque SpA a management company for the integrated water service in ATO 4 – Alto Valdarno, including 37 Municipalities in the province of Arezzo and Siena.

Umbra Acque SpA: contractor for the integrated water service in ATI 1 and 2 - Umbria, including 38 Municipalities, including Perugia and Assisi.


Acea Distribuzione SpA: deals with distribution and measurement of low, medium and high voltage energy (HV, MV, LV) in the municipalities of Rome and Formello; is entrusted with planning, engineering, construction and maintenance of HV primary distribution plants and secondary MV and LV distribution networks. In addition, it deals with the cemetery lighting of the Municipality of Rome.

Acea Illuminazione Pubblica SpA: deals with the management of public, functional, urban and artistic lighting and related plants.

Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici SpA: cares for, on behalf of Acea Distribuzione, all those operations related to energy efficiency improvement (Ministerial Decree of 20th July 2004); ensure the preservation of technological innovation within the energy-efficiency field; develops the implementation of renewable sources in energy production and cogeneration and tri-generation operations; provides energy services as an energy service company (E.S.Co.)

Ecogena SpA: is a joint venture between Energia Alternativa and A.R.S.E (holding respectively a 49% and a 51% share), plans and builds high-efficiency cogeneration/tri-generation plants (CCHP -Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) for civil and industrial buildings. The company holds 49% of EUR Power Srl, a company specialised in the realisation and management of cogeneration/tri-generation plants and heat pump power generators with geothermal integrations.


Acea Energia holding SpA: supervises the development of administrative functions of its subsidiaries - Acea Energia and Acea Produzione. It carries out activity of energy management in favour of those ensuring the supply of electricity, gas and fuels. Monitors the reference markets and values tradable allowances linked to the Energy generation of plants (green certificates, CO2 emission rights, RECs-COFER)

Acea Energia SpA: deals with the sales of electricity and gas in the free and protected market. Acea Energia holds shares in the capital of Elgasud SpA and Umbria Energy SpA, companies whose operations mainly focus on energy, gas and optional services trading in Apulia, Basilicata, Umbria.

Acea Produzione SpA: manages operations of electricity and heating production, through its power plants made up of 7 hydroelectric plants and 2 thermal power plants, mainly located in Latium.


A.R.I.A.(Acea Risorse e Impianti per l’Ambiente): carries out its activity in the environmental sector. Mainly focuses on energy generation and waste management, through waste treatment and waste disposal plants: it manages two waste to energy plants, in Terni and in San Vittore del Lazio and one RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) production plant in Paliano (Frosinone). The subsidiary SAO Srl manages a composting plant, with adjacent landfill, in Orvieto.

Aquaser Srl: operates within the recovery and disposal of sludge from wastewater treatment and integrated water service. The companies Kyklos Srl, Solemme SpA and S.A.MA.CE. Srl belong to the Aquaser Group, which operate in composting and sludge from wastewater treatment, and Innovazione Sostenibilità Ambientale Srl (ISA), that deals with logistics and transport of sludge.


Acea8cento: its task is to manage the customer care activities, and particularly the remote contact channels, for the companies of Acea Group.

LaboratoRI SpA: provides services of research and development, laboratories, studies and consulting, engineering (planning and project management) mainly in the water-environmental sector for companies of Acea Group and for the external market; supplies technical and scientific support for the development of the Group at a national and international level.